12 giu 2014

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Dracula - Vlad the Impaler - buried in Naples researcher says

Dracula - Vlad the Impaler - buried in Naples researcher says
Order of the Dragon
"Count Dracula died in Naples, was buried in the heart of the city and is still here ': there is a group of people who for weeks along the streets and alleys in search of the secret.
And kids are not dreamers, fanatics, exalted, but very serious scholars of the University of Tallinn in Estonia. They believe in what they do, they claim to have already got the documents to prove the truth, so they launched a campaign of research in the area.

The story is fascinating, full of nuances, twists, but looks too much like the plot of an adventure story to seem real; because, currently, it lacks the detail that would make it sensational, the final twist: it lacks the body of Count Dracula. "It is for this reason that, having initiated studies documents, now we are down on the field. And we also know where to look. We know where Dracula's tomb in Naples' ...
"In 1476, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula, who belongs to the Order of the Dragon as the King of Naples, Ferrante d'Aragona, disappears during a kingdom of Naples. Hereafter marries a noble Neapolitan family Ferrillo. The couple gets into a "gift" the territories of Acerenza in Basilicata, but is related to Naples so that at death the spouses are buried in Naples. " So far the story is well known, he told Il Mattino just a couple of years ago.
vlad the impaler in naples
Vlad the Impaler
battle against the Turks and was given up for dead - said the scholar Raphael Glinni - one of his daughters, Mary, at the age of seven years is adopted by a Neapolitan woman and conduct in the
But the turning point came in the last few months, almost by accident. A student Neapolitan, Erika Stella, for his thesis goes into the cloister of Santa Maria La Nova, take a photo that looks "strange", he decides to get to the bottom and involves email scholars, even those Estonians who look at the picture and get upset. After searching for a long time that track, here it is arriving at the hands of a young man who is making a thesis: According to scholars is the confirmation of two cases: 1) Count Dracula did not die in battle but was taken prisoner by the Turks; 2) daughter Mary redeemed dad prisoner and took him to Italy. At the death had him buried in Naples.
But why so many certainties? The marble, which belongs to the tomb of Ferrillo, the "son" of Dracula, is full of references that do not belong to the remains of the man who should be in there. And here the novel becomes a reality, at least until science can not tell you that it's all true, "Look at the bas-reliefs - says beaming Glinni - the representation is obvious. Remember that the count was called Tepes Dracula: you see here is a representation of a dragon, Dracula indeed, and there are two symbols of the matrix Egyptian tomb ever seen on a European. These two opposing sphinxes representing the name of the city of Thebes that the Egyptians called Tepes. In those symbols is "written" Tepes Dracula, the name of the count. We need more confirmations? ». Maybe, it's needed.
But the story is so fascinating that, at this point, we really hope that someone proves that it's real ...

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