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Paramilitary apparatus of the Italian Communist Party (1945 - 1974)

Paramilitary apparatus of the Italian Communist Party (1945 - 1974)
Italian Communist Party
Paramilitary apparatus of the PCI indicates a paramilitary structure of Italian clandestine nature, allegedly organized in 1945 and disbanded in 1974, consisting of former partisans and militants of the Italian Communist Party.
For his character together offensively and defensively, the apparatus of the PCI included the paramilitary structure that, since 1992, the press has dubbed "Gladio rossa" (Red Gladio) , describing the apparatus in such a way as symmetrical and opposite to the function of the anti-communist 'organization Gladio , which had been discovered a few years earlier.
In 1994 he published the satirical weekly La peste, numbers for several long lists with names and last names and city of residence of the members of that supposed "Red Gladio", many of whom are still alive; none of them has denied or sued the magazine.

About the formation of paramilitary: 

According to research by Gianni Donno (consultant to the Mitrokhin Commission and Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Salento), at the time of the disarmament of dissolved partisan imposed by the Allies, the most modern and efficient weapons were not returned. He was instead made up of a core of clandestine action, based mainly in the center and north of the country (theater of the war of liberation after 8 September), the core consists mostly of former members of the partisan brigades "Garibaldi." Such a force would be directly dependent on the illegal structures leaders of the Italian Communist Party, in particular by Peter Secchia, the right arm of Palmiro Togliatti (Secretary of the Italian Communist Party)
According to the leaders of the PCI such a force could be used in an armed intervention aimed at the creation of a communist state in Italy, which had to be backed by a lifting of the population. Following the Yalta agreements that took place in February 1945, the USSR would have considered, however, that if it were a civil war broke out in Italy, the Western countries would intervene in force. And the Soviet Union was not yet ready to face a confrontation with the West. Moscow then pointed to Togliatti what should be the new strategic line to hold.
The fact that Moscow was constantly informed of the existence of the paramilitary force is confirmed in a report to his superiors in the Soviet Ambassador, June 15, 1945, which reports that "the partisans of the North continue to hide their weapons." The organization was prepared at the time of demobilization of partisan official in 1945., The first report "Western" known articulation of the organization was drawn up in Milan, (February 1947), Consul of the United States.

The Italian secret services were aware of the existence of this communist military, already in 1950.
In this period the struggle between communists and anti-Italian Italian was very hard, and some Italian parties wanted to outlaw the Italian Communist Party. This did not happen,

The Prosecutor's Office of Rome, decided to initiate an investigation (8393/92 then 8393/92B), (1991 - 1994) which established that there was a covert armed organization headed by the PCI active since the end of the second world war, and how some of its activists they had been trained in sabotage and guerrilla warfare beyond the iron Curtain, although "the established predisposition on the part of the PCI defensive mechanisms in view of the dreaded change in the political climate in Italy" did not take "large enough to constitute a seriously, a real danger to the State
According to Admiral Fulvio Martini, former head of SISMI (Italian Military Secret Service) , heard by the Commission massacres, the KGB had an interest in Italy, a country assigned by the Yalta agreements with the U.S. sphere of influence, there was a very strong Communist Party, but that this never come to power in order not to upset the equilibrium obtained with the agreements themselves.

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