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Italo Disco: the True Story

The italo disco (alternatively written italo-disco) is a subgenre of disco music, which originated in the late seventies and became extinct at the end of the eighties, however, giving rise to new forms of music such as the Italian house, and subsequently, Italo dance, who continued to live until the early 2000s and in subsequent years, although to a lesser extent.

Prior to the invention of the term by Bernhard Mikulski in 1983, the term was used to refer to this Eurodisco always kind of music, because the genre abroad influenced the emergence of sub-genres or styles of music similar to it (see, eg, the case dell'Eurobeat).

The italo disco born at the end of the seventies, in a context of Italian explosion of the phenomenon of entertainment disco, resulting in massive importation of American disco music; all combined influence from the countries of the north where it was in full swing the electronic revolution of the new wave and new romantic.

Italo Disco: the True Story
The term "italo disco" comes from Bernhard Mikulski, the German record producer and that is usually called "Italo" productions "disco music" coming from Italy such as those of the Easy Going, brothers La Bionda, DD Sound and Gepy and Gepy.
Here follows a brief history of Italo Disco, as told by its protagonists.

Below, a list of singers and groups that we've reviewed, you will find a link to the short story, the review and the songs of these Italian music heroes for few days of Italian music:

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