15 nov 2014

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Christopher Columbus, Italian Explorer

The Egg of Columbus is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, which is taught at school and that is passed for good.

In fact, even in the days of Christopher Columbus in many universities in the world, have taught that the earth had a spherical shape.
The only comment made by the Catholic Church to the voyage of Columbus - reported in the writings of St. Augustine - was not that the Indies could not exist, but that there could be men, as to those lands there was only the sea and its inhabitants of the place so they could be the descendants of Adam and Eve.
These interesting historical reconstructions are in this drama of RAI in 4 episodes that shows us the life of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America, which was still called so because Columbus thought they were indie (from whose name the Indians took ).
America is the name given by Amerigo Vespucci until years after the new continent.
Christopher Columbus, Italian Explorer
A real adventure, exciting and very well reconstructed by Rai and directed by Lattuada:

The story of the Egg of Columbus in 2 versions, all 2 fakes:
  1. Columbus, to convince the King of Spain that the earth was round, and getting finance an expedition to the Indies, he would take an egg and he would hold on himself, breaking a part of the guard ...
  2. After his return from America in 1493, Columbus was invited to a dinner in his honor by Cardinal Mendoza. Here are a few Spanish gentlemen tried to play down his company, saying that the discovery of the New World would not be that difficult and that anyone could do it if he had his means. When they heard this, Columbus was angry, and he challenged the Spanish nobles in an equally easy: make an egg stand upright on the table. Each of them made several attempts, but none succeeded and gave up the business. They were convinced that it was an insoluble problem and begged Columbus to demonstrate how to solve it, which he did immediately, he just practice a slight dent at the end of the egg, beating lightly against the edge of the table. The egg stood upright. When bystanders protested, saying that they could do the same too, Colombo said, "The difference, my friends, is that you would have done it, but I've done."

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