12 dic 2014

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Italian Christmas Recipe: candied orange peel (Scorze di arance candite)

Soon it will be Christmas and between Italian recipes simple to do, there is a traditional recipe of Southern Italy: the candied orange peel.

The Sicily is the kingdom of the orange: here thanks to the volcanic earth, the sun and the sea breeze, born and mature the most delicious oranges in the world, the result of which you do not throw anything.

Let's see how to use the orange rind to make a great Christmas cake.

Italian Christmas Recipe: candied orange peel (Scorze di arance candite)
Tra poco sarà Natale e tra le ricette italiane più semplici da fare, c'è una antica ricetta tradizionale del Sud Italia: le scorze di arance candite.

La Sicilia è il regno dell'arancia: qui grazie alla terra di origine vulcanica , il sole e la brezza marina, nascono e maturano le più buone arance del mondo, frutto di cui non si butta nulla.
Vediamo insieme come utilizzare la scorza dell'arancia per farne un ottimo dolce natalizio.
How to make Candied Orange Peel:
  1. Cut into strips the thick skins of 10 oranges untreated
  2. then put them in a pan with water that covers,
  3. then boil for 2 minutes;
  4. then let it cool the whole,
  5. then throw away the water
  6. then repeat the process 2 more times, this is to remove the bitterness of the peel.
After the third boiling, drain the excess water and weighing the skins;

prepared in a pan, a syrup of sugar and water, which have, respectively, both the one and the other, the same weight of the skins drained; soak the skins (if for example, the orange peel drain will weigh 100 grams, you'll have to use 100 grams of water and 100 sugar).

Now cook the skins until completely dry syrup, being careful however not to caramelize the sugar, which is not to darken, but only thicken.

Once cooked, put the skins to dry and after if you want, you can proceed to immerse them in granulated sugar (before they are completely dry), or in melted chocolate (when they are completely dry).
scorze di arance condite

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