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Alex Britti songs bio

Alex Britti is an Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist, was born in Rome in 1968.

Alex Britti is primarily a guitarist, very good, his first guitar, he was given for his 7th birthday, 14 years old, goes to the electric guitar. Today his collection counts twenty; the favorite has a name, Martina (a Martin).

His passion for the blues and his technical talent allow him to finish the stage with important musicians like Buddy Miles, Billy Preston and Rosa King (accompanying on tour in Europe) and Louisiana Red. But, because of the fear of flying, has never been in the home of the blues: the United States.

Meanwhile Alex also writes pop songs and in 1992 published the cd ALEX BRITTI (Fonit Cetra) that goes unnoticed.
Alex Britti songs bio
Later deals with the soundtracks of "Uomini senza donne" (Men Without Women) (1995, with Alessandro Gassman and Gianmarco Tognazzi) and "Stressati" (1996, with Gianmarco Tognazzi).
In '96 he signed a new record deal and publishes a first CD single (Quello che voglio).
Two years later with "Solo una volta" hits the mark: the song is the success of the summer (arrives in ranking in France) and leads him to record the album It.pop.
The album comes out in autumn 1998, selling over 350,000 copies and won the award of "Music & Records" for the best debut of the year.
In 1999 he won the category New proposals at the Sanremo Festival with "Oggi sono Io" (which was later re-recorded by Mina). It.pop is republished with the addition of that song and "Mi piaci".
In spring 2000, Britti closes in a home-studio on the outskirts of Rome to prepare for his new album, LA VASCA, published in October 2000 preceded by the single "Una su 1.000.000"
In February 2001, is presented at the 51st Festival of Sanremo with the song "Sono contento" that is inserted into a new version of the album.
Before recording his third album, Alex takes a break, traveling around Europe to play guitar in small clubs (and still allows himself a few forays in his Rome).
The third album was released in 2003 launched by the participation in the Sanremo Festival with "7000 caffé", second in the category Big.
On 2 September 2005 comes FESTA, which also contains three songs written by Maurizio Costanzo.
The disc will be re-released in March 2006 with the inclusion of "... Solo con Te", a song brought to the race at the Sanremo Festival of that year.
In the same year, in collaboration with Edoardo Bennato founded the duet "Notte di mezza estate", which brings together the two artists to turn over Italy with a joint tour. 29 September 2007 recorded in the studios of MTV's second MTV Unplugged Italian: from the concert - broadcast by music channel January 28 - with an album wich revisits the successes of the guitarist in acoustic version.

IN 2009 23 public, while in 2013 the single "Baciami (e portami a ballare") anticipates the new album BENE COSI'.
Always try in 2013 admission to the Festival of Sanremo with "Non é vero mai" (a duet with Bianca Atzei); But his candidacy is rejected by the musical commission. In 2014 otherwise: n in 2015 the singer Roman thus returns to the stage at the Teatro Ariston nine years after his last participation, with "Un attimo importante", included in his new studio album, forthcoming .
alex britti songs sanremo
Alex Britti, when was young

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