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Augustus founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor

Augustus was the nephew of Julius Caesar, who adopted him to the death of their parents.
After the assassination of Caesar, there was a big struggle for power in Rome.
Augusto emerged victorious and was acclaimed by the people Roman Emperor.
Augustus was a great politician, strategist, endowed with great intelligence, he managed to make Empire, what was a Republic, Augustus was the first emperor of Rome, was the one who managed to stay in power for 44 years, until his death and was one of the few emperors to be remembered in history as one of the best emperors of Rome.

Augustus founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor

10 things about Augustus You should know:

  1. Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian Augustus was of small stature (but perfectly proportioned, according to Svetonio wrote) and in poor health, but equipped with a look charismatic hitting the interlocutor and forcing him to lower his face, as struck by a "divine force".
  2.  Octavian Augustus came to power after a bloody civil war (Battle of Modena 43 BC, the battle of Philippi 42 BC, the battle of Actium 31.aC) following the death of Julius Caesar, who made him his heir (when Gaius Octavian had only 19 years old). Octavian was able to eliminate (physically) all his political opponents and earn the title of Augustus in 27 BC.
  3.  Octavian Augustus in Rome was able to ensure a long period of peace, prosperity and political stability, even if this entailed passing from a Republican to the autocratic empire.
  4. Tangible symbol of peace obtained in the reign of Augustus is the altar of the Ara Pacis Augustae (cover picture in the gallery), built in 9 BC. Fun fact: according to some historians, the Ara Pacis was positioned so that the 'Egyptian obelisk of Montecitorio (brought to Italy by Augustus in 10 BC), every September 23 (the birthday of Augustus) was projecting a shadow that pointed at the entrance of the altar.
  5. The fame of Octavian Augustus is tied to its innovative reforms. Reorganized the army, the administrative and economic system. Instituted what can be considered the first organized postal service, built baths and aqueducts and regulation even gladiatorial shows, dividing the different fighters into classes, according to the weapons used and the style of fight.
  6. Augustus always surrounded himself with excellent collaborators, including Cilnio Mecenate, discoverer and patron of artists like Virgil and Horace. This contributed to the flourishing of the arts, characterized by sophistication, elegance and sobriety.
  7. Probably Octavian Augustus was not only driven by the love for art: poetry and the visual arts were used as a means of propaganda to spread throughout the empire stretched image conforms to enhance the sovereign and the whole family Giulia.
  8. Big supporter of Mos Maiorum (traditional morality Roman) and the cult of the family (emanation of Lex Julia), however, did not disdain the company of young (often very young) women who, according to Suetonius, were procured from the same wife Livia Drusilla .
  9. In 12 BC Octavian gets the title of "Pontifex Maximus" (image gallery), the highest religious to which a Roman could aspire.
  10. One of the most famous images of Octavian Augustus is the statue of Prima Porta (image gallery), in the Vatican Museums. In the work the emperor is portrayed in holding military parade. On the armor shows the scene of the delivery of insignia legionary of Marcus Licinius IV

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