10 giu 2015

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Oltre il Giardino (Kaligola) testo lyrics translation Sanremo 2015

Kaligola é un giovane rapper di soli 16 anni, che ascolteremo tra le Nuove Proposte di Sanremo 2015.

Ovviamente nemmeno possiamo raccontarvi la sua storia musicale, é normale che a 16 anni un rapper una storia musicale e una carriera non ce l'abbia e non riusciamo a capire nemmeno come faccia a cantare a Sanremo, visto che Noi non riusciamo a definire quali siano le sue eccezionali doti.

I testi - che nella musica rap sono decisivi per giudicare un cantante - non ci sembrano per niente emozionanti o importanti a livello sociale, cosa che dovrebbe essere d'obbligo per l'hip-hop.
Forse siamo Noi che sbagliamo e magari questo ragazzo avrà un gran successo, vedremo.
Intanto ascoltatevi il brano "Io sono Kaligola" che lo ha fatto scoprire a 14 anni ( cosa strana, visto che ha pochissime visualizzazioni - circa 40 mila - Noi visto che siamo in Italia pensiamo che questo ragazzo sia stato chiamato a cantare sul teatro dell'Ariston, perchè parente o amico di qualche produttore discografico) e pensiamo che se proprio a Sanremo volevano chiamare qualcuno che cantasse una canzone 'contro l'emarginazione' potevano chiamare un vero cantante.

Kaligola, é il più giovane cantante di Sanremo 2015, ha un'immagine di 'ragazzo per bene' e acqua e sapone.
Il significato della canzone Oltre il giardino é la storia di un barbone, che ha un passato che però tutti ignorano.
Oltre il Giardino Kaligola testo lyrics translation Sanremo 2015
Kaligola is a young Italian rapper of just 16 years, we will hear from the New Proposals Sanremo 2015.
Obviously we can not even tell you its musical history, it is normal for 16 years a rapper a musical history and a career does not have one and we can not even understand how he can sing in Sanremo, since we can not understand what his exceptional qualities.
The lyrics - which in rap music are decisive for judging a singer - there seem to anything exciting or important on a social level, which should be a must for hip-hop.
Maybe we are wrong and that we maybe this guy will have a great success, we'll see.
Meanwhile, listen to the song "Io sono Kaligola" (I am Kaligola) that made him discover 14 years (which is strange, because it has very few views - about 40 000 - We have seen that we are in Italy we think this guy has been called to sing on the stage of 'Ariston, because relative or friend of some record producer) and we think that if you really wanted to Sanremo call someone to sing a song 'against exclusion' could call a real singer.
Kaligola, is the youngest singer of Sanremo 2015.

This is the story of a man no more chains
Where it came from nobody knows
He knows the pain but keeps him away
Tightens only what holds up the palm of your hand

Said his mind up to its heart
It paints every gesture with the colors of love
Each gray brick fell long ago
Now you no longer need a different man

His name is Young is 64 years old, smiles every day from early morning
Spends time poking around in a basket
Here in the park knows every child
But no means to know or look over the garden
The distance and projection of what actually
There is closer
So everyone goes back and resumed his journey

And do not look for tomorrow
It no longer feels yesterday
In the hands of sand
Does not retain the thoughts
Only November 10
You can hear him shout

You can always find the municipal park
An angel bum who does guard against evil
For large is just crazy to avoid
But he watches over the children because the ogre can return
As a patron saint
escaped from hell
Walking barefoot
Both in summer and winter

Any false hope is fall time ago
Now you no longer need a different man
As a holy beggar now owns nothing
Hath been stripped of the past
He left behind him
Its most arrogant
Dragging down the street, whistling softly
The pain weighs less if dissolved in every moment
And the only tune that now feels
E 'illusory eternity of thought

And do not look for tomorrow
It no longer feels yesterday
In the hands of sand
Does not retain the thoughts
Only November 10
You can hear him shout

For the people of the neighborhood is a poor demented
Walking aimlessly
with a blank look, do not remember that at one time
He controlled his life but
but to his son escaped from the fingers

Time is money and you can not always play
I also brought to the gardens, let me work
This always used to say, but it was long ago
Now the son does not call, do not look for her dad

His name is John, 64 years old
He invented a calendar without worries
Only November 10
in the morning mist
you can hear him scream the name of a child

And 'the past that returns and wind
A crack that opens in her face now torn
And looking over that wall you can see his fate
Drop the blood of roses in the snow in the garden

And do not look for tomorrow
It no longer feels yesterday
In the hands of sand
Does not retain the thoughts
Only November 10
You can hear him shout

A voice in the void
And a name that now
He does not know pronounce.

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