10 giu 2015

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Ritornerai (Chanty) testo lyrics translation Sanremo 2015

Chanty é il nome d'arte di Chantal Saroldi, una ragazza di origini tanzaniane, a cui piace cantare blues e jazz , arriva già da altre esperienze televisive e di spettacolo.

Concorrente di Rai Star Academy, ha poi iniziato a studiare Jazz al Conservatorio di Camerino ( nella Marche) da almeno 3 anni. Da qui ha partecipato a concorsi canori jazz nella stessa Camerino e ad Umbria Jazz.

La canzone Ritornerai, é stata scritta dalla stessa Chantal Saroldi, e sicuramente il debutto a Sanremo 2015 sarà il suo esame più impegnativo che finora ha fatto nella sua carriera. Noi le facciamo i Nostri migliori auguri.

Ritornerai Chanty testo lyrics translation Sanremo 2015

  • Above: Ritornerai Chanty.
Chanty is an artist daughter of a society that is evolving toward cultural contamination varied, full of ideas and new musical influences.
The driving force of the personality of Chanty is inherent in the funk soul, originated from his studies and passion for the historical reality Motown and Stax. The beauty of assisting the evolution of genres lies in manifesting their roots through new interpretations of a reality that makes you vibrate your heart when you listen.

Chanty has it all: experience, knowledge, commitment and fun.

Chantal Saroldi, Chanty in art, was born in Tanzania and before you get to study and work in Italy for a few years living in Taiwan.

She studied at the Conservatory of Camerino Jazz Singing  and has had a series of learning experiences that have allowed her to begin her solo journey:

Won the Golden Disc Festival, finishing first in the section Inediti & Songwriters.

Participate in the prestigious competition for jazz soloists Prize Massimo Urbani and receives from the Jury President Enrico Rava a scholarship for the Nuoro Jazz Festival Paolo Fresu.

As part of the Berklee College of Music's Workshop at Umbria Jazz '12, he won a scholarship to the summer program of the famous universities of music in Boston and performed as a soloist in a concert scheduled at Umbria Jazz. Subsequently becomes involved in opening concert at Umbria Jazz Winter in Orvieto. She attended the summer program at Boston's Berklee summer of 2013.
testo Ritornerai Chanty lyrics translation Sanremo 2015
(You'll come back):
It remains only a kiss between us
and then you'll go to her heartless
You stole the time my words
leaving doubts and
of having to defend myself to forget
who you are
all the things you do every time you fall
you will be with her

you'll come back man
I will return here

I still live the kiss between us
and this is enough to believe
which you'll find a way to take me away from here
leaving everything
if you want to defend myself
my love profumami of your voice
and caresses that will give light waves on me

you'll come back man
you'll come back
will return here from me.
Chanty duet with Baglioni (2011)
chanty sanremo 2015
Chanty Italian singer

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