Amazing Italian Alternative Model: Riae Suicide

The interviews have always something more than the articles: are the portrait of an individual's personality. More or less interesting. And I have had the pleasure to exchange a few words with an artist very interesting and very beautiful. An art-model amazing, from the look sassy and with a little body sinuous. She is Riae Suicide...

Who is Riae Suicide and what he did before he became an alt-model?

Italian Alternative Model

  • We can say that Riae Suicide is my alter-ego or the character I play now since 2007 when I posed for the first time. Seriously, are an alternative model and suicide girl. Before I begin my modeling career I have done virtually every job, from the waitress to pr disco, girl cleaning the toilettatrice for animals, secretary for various tattoo shop etc ...
  • Let's say that I was never doing nothing, being left home at 16, I always arrange due to never having to ask for anything to my parents.

When taken vocation?

Italian Alternative Model: Riae Suicide
  • I never had a good relationship with my body, are very low and curvy, and I have a face that does not follow much the aesthetic classics (no lips, for example) then I had never thought of becoming a model.
  • Then we say that a certain number of ex-boyfriends, I have always done this because I had to be grateful, because they had the good heart to be with an ugly like me, demolishing what little self-esteem I had.
  • All this, until I discovered the site and saw that there could be an alternative to the classic beauty to which I obviously did not belong. I did the first the set when I was living in Berlin, it snapped me a friend of mine and I became a Suicide Girl.
  • It was my "baptism" objective and I must admit that apart from the first ten minutes of panic and embarrassment then came quite natural even though it was a set of nude / erotic.

What is your relationship with the camera lens?

  • I like my picture, I like to play different roles, and I become completely once you start to pose.
  • In 'real' life are very shy and introverted, but I think that looking at my photos, a few even notice this. I like to look straight into the lens and try to seduce the room (no, not the photographer) as if we were just me and her (the camera)

Your body is particularly colored by beautiful tattoos and piercings. What do these signs on your body?

  • I know it might seem a disappointing response, but they have no meaning. I've always liked tattoos and I could just I started to color my body, sometimes even making wrong choices dictated by little knowledge of the world of tattoo and sometimes by a lack of money. Fortunately these "errors" were covered by tattoos most beautiful and weighted.
  • The piercing slowly with time are decreasing, when I was "young and rebellious" were many more, including some particularly unsightly, but with time I held those that, in my opinion, enhance my face and other body parts or less in view.

Amazing Italian Alternative Model: Riae Suicide

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