12 feb 2018

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Top Italian Singers of 2018

Who will be the best Italian singers of 2018?

Today we try to show You, what will be the Italian singers who will be more successful this year.

This 2018 in Italy, we are ready to listen to new songs of Sanremo, but also those who come from others countries. Usually, it is in the spring that you can figure out what will be the songs that will accompany our days work, sports or vacation.
Usually, in Italy the best time to understand what the hit songs, is around April or May, although this, it is not a certain rule.

It 'hard to say, but We try; based on record sales, according to the latest Italian record of 2017, according to rumors that we read in social networks, and according to the musical trends of the past few months.
How to read this ranking: the higher number, corrispondent to newer songs.

Top Italian singers of 2018

  1. Il Volo:  This trio of boys won Sanremo 2015 and we will certainly have ways to listen to and review them on many occasions
    italian singer francesco gabbani occidentali's karma
    Francesco Gabbani ad Eurovision song contest 2017
  2. Francesco Gabbani is the winner of Sanremo 2017 with Occidentali's karma. Borns on 1981, Gabbani is a songwriter and singer , author of his music and lyrics. Thanks to European music awards 2017, Gabbani is famous all around the word with his funny song.
    top italian rappers fedez
  3. Fedez: was the Italian singer of 2014, the album has had considerable success, he participated as a judge for X Factor and even took the politically important positions, with the 5 Star Movement. Of all the Italian singers is definitely the most complete character, although in reality ...he is not a singer, but only a rapper!
    italian singer mengoni
    Marco Mengoni
  4. Marco Mengoni: is one of those people who like to an audience of young, singing songs very romantic, although we do not love him, has a great success among the young Italian.
    italian singer annalisa
  5. Annalisa Scarrone: We are always her fans. Annalisa, usually like to a limited audience of young people, but this year has all the features to be able to achieve great success. Annalisa, besides singing well has a great stage presence, is the girl next door, very sexy but also very sweet, is the girlfriend that everyone wants, her song was likely only fourth place in Sanremo, but that 2015 could be the ' Annalisa year.
    italian singer jovanotti
  6. Jovanotti: the Tuscan rapper, now 50 years old, it is not very well known abroad, despite two years ago he tried to do concerts in the US, they do not have much success received. Jovanotti, will release a new album this spring and we bet that will be a success: "Lorenzo 2015 CC"
    j ax italian rapper
    J Ax
  7. J AX : One of the first Italian rapper, has returned very popular after that was to judge talent scout TV "The Voice of Italy", and his latest CD is the most sold in June 2015.
    giusy ferreri - baby k. italian singer - rapper
    Giusy Ferreri - Baby K.
  8. Giusy Ferreri and Baby K.:  Thanks to the single "Rome - Bangkok", which is in 1st place in the sales charts in this Italian in August 2015, the singer Giusy Ferreri who had won the first edition of X Factor Italy, has returned to have a great success, after years in which the Italian public, seemed to have forgotten about her. The rapper Baby K. however, is known only among young Italians, but maybe with this song manages to be known by all the others. Now we wonder if this song will be successful abroad, but we do not think so, because it does not have an 'Italian musical style', but has an international one.
    the kolors italian boy band
    The Kolors, Italian Boy Band
  9. The Kolors, is a new Italia boy band who won Amici 2015. They plays a kind of music like 'new-wave' in very particular style, .
    max gazzè top italian singers
    Max Gazzé
  10. Max Gazzé is an Italian singer, famous for at least 20 years. In September 2015, he published a new video that is having great success, "La vita é un successo" (Life is a success), a song about a single man, who has just ended a relationship with a woman, but that does not despair and in fact says "Life is a success" (despite with a lost love).
    top italian singers 2016 emma marrone
    Emma Marrone
  11. Emma Marrone has published 23 October his latest video "Arriverà l'amore" (Love will comes), and as always is having some success. Emma is one of the most popular Italian singers from the young. After winning The X Factor in 2011, also won the Sanremo Music Festival in 2012, Emma is famous because 'screams', while singing. To you you like? I do not much.
    best Italian singers: Levante
    : borns in Catania ( Sicily) on 1989, Levante is a female songwriter who has a good success in 2017 with her songs as "Non me ne frega niente" songs who speaks about Social media,  dual-sense phrases and about individuality of our times. Levante is the new "judge" of X Factor 2017/2018
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