23 mag 2015

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Best Price of the songs on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play.

Where can I find songs at a competitive price? iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, are the most widely used music store in the world.

In 2015, now the market for vinyl records, it is only a memory for enthusiasts, as well as the market for CDs.

Yet you sell online or music shops real, both CDs and vinyl records, but have become a hobby for enthusiasts.

Best Price of the songs on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play.

Below, a brief review of the songs most sold in Italy, and the price in these three stores:

Google Play Store:

Google Play Store, it sells everything from apps, music, books, movies.
Consider the last album of J-Ax, "The beauty of being ugly." The 12 tracks are for sale on Google Play to 1.29 euro each.

Apple iTunes:

iTunes was the first online store for the sale of music. Apple, thanks to this beautiful idea, has earned tens of millions of dollars by selling music in MP3, but has also changed - forever - the global music market.
The disc of J-Ax and the songs on the disc, are sold in exactly the same price as Google Play. 1.29 Euros.


On Spotify, things work in a completely different way, you can listen to music without downloading it. You can listen for free or paying. If you want to listen to music for free, you have to listen to advertising, otherwise you want to liasten songs without advertising, You must pay 9,99 euros per month.

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