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Scialpi - Shalpy songs and bio of Italian singer

Below, songs and bio of Giovanni Scialpi (Parma, May 14, 1962) is an Italian singer and actor, who since 2012 has changed his stage name from Scialpi to Shalpy.

Giovanni Scialpi, began to be known by the general public in 1983, with the song Rocking Rolling and immediately became a star of Italian teenage girls.
At that time, Scialpi is 20 years old, is a very nice guy, tall, with a perfect body and blue eyes, who were dreaming the Italian teenagers.
His songs became immediately popular, are a pop-rock that was popular at that time.
But Scialpi (now called Shalpy, because the international audience would have missed the Italian pronunciation of the name) has based his art not only about music, but especially in his image.

Scialpi - Shalpi songs and bio of Italian singer
If Shalpy were American, his talent so versatile would make him a "global star"; however, its continued transformation, his irrepressible desire not recline in already, in the consolidated, it has meant that to date has sold more than 2,000,000 copies in his brilliant career.
In 1986 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with "No east no west" and continues to convince. The album simply titled "Scialpi" presents an artist more mature and aware of the talents of vocalist and performer.
But Scialpi does not just write songs and impact; In fact in 1990 for six months alongside Raffaella Carrà in a Tv-Show "Ricomincio da due", where he shows complete and versatile artist: presenter, dancer, entertainer.
His career continued in the 90s and in the 2000s, although with less success, in 2002 Scialpi, made a concert tour very followed by the public.
shalpy gay marriage

In August 2015, Scialpi does everyone know, who will marry his partner with whom he lives for 6 years.
In Italy gay marriages are not legal, then, he will have to get married in another country abroad.

  • Songs of Shalpy - Scialpi

Rocking Rolling (1983)
Mi manchi tu (1983)
Cigarettes and Coffee (1984)
No East No West (1986)
Cry (1986)
Bella età (1987)
Pregherei con Scarlett (1988)
Cani sciolti/Solitario (1988-1989)
Il grande fiume (1990)
A... amare (1991)
È una nanna (1992)
Boom boom (1992)
Baciami (1994)
Che per amore fai (1995)
Bella signora (1998[7])
Sì io sì (2001)
La creazione (2001)
Sono quel ragazzo (2002)
Pregherò Imparerò Salverò (2003)
2005 - Non ti amo più
Goodbye (2006)
I believe i can fly (2011)
Here i am (2011)
Il vento caldo dell'estate (2012)
Icon-man (2012)
Music is mine (2013)
Come to me (2014)
Besame (2014)
If you really want to (2014)
songs of scialpi

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