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Max Gazzè songs bio lyrics of Italian singer

Max Gazzè is an Italian singer a bit 'special, his songs are always surreal, but it's the lyrics that are interesting...
He born in Rome in 1967, but at an early age he moved to Belgium, in Brussels. Here, as a teenager, he approached the world of music and choose the electric bass as favorite instrument: the two become inseparable. In the eighties he studied music and joined (as a writer, arranger and, of course, bass) of a British group: are the 4 Play 4, experimenters between acid jazz and soul.
At the end of the decade he moved to France where he works as artistic producer for Tiziana Kutich and Pyramid.
1991 is the year of the return in Italy. Max lives in Rome, he paints as a hobby and continues to compose in his ministudio registration. For almost two years he played in a new band r 'b, the Emporium.
Meanwhile he collaborates with some short films (among others "Scherzo di un DO minore" by Antonella Ponziani), which produces soundtracks.
Max Gazzé songs bio lyrics of Italian singer

Max Gazzè, songs of Italian singer:

Since 1994 Gazzè gets to work for the realization of the first album. The tracks on the debut album "Contro un'onda del mare" will be presented in the first tour in 1995 (which acts as a shoulder to Franco Battiato) before being published on the album coming out in early 1996: criticism He is interested in the figure of this ironic songwriter, who starts to gain a slice of the public.
But for the popular success it was not until 1998 in the summer participates in Festivalbar paired with Niccolò Fabi (in the past had worked with Daniele Silvestri and other members of the Italian). Their "Vento d'estate", catchy and deep at the same time, becomes the authentic chorus holiday: the consensus is unanimous, people familiarized with her cute little mustache and Max finally reaps the fruits of many years of work.
The summer single, along with "Cara Valentina" (hilarious video 'medieval'), anticipates the release of "Favola di Adamo ed Eva" (October 1998). Max was invited to participate in the prestigious Premio Tenco.
In the wake of this success participates in Sanremo 1999 (section new proposals) with "Una musica può fare": The current version of the album will sell more than 50 thousand copies.
Max repeats its participation in the Festival from big the following year with "Il timido ubriaco" poetry in music that brings new popularity.
In March 2000 he released a new studio album, simply titled "Max Gazzè", and then she had the video for "L'uomo più Furbo", which is taking part in her friend Antonella Ponziani.
It is the hard disk of the confirmation after two years of extraordinary success: if shortage of catchy single "Adamo ed Eva", Gazzè continues its work of rejuvenation of the Italian singer, in a delicate balance between pop caught, rock and experimentation.
November 2001: Max released his new work, the curious title "Ognuno fa quello che gli pare?". The return of the great collaborations, this time female: of all, Carmen Consoli ("Il motore degli eventi") and Paola Turci ("Il debole tra i due").
It is an idea of ​​albums based on chiaroscuro, both in the texts of music and arrangements (ranging from pianos Bontempi to string orchestras). A disc almost surreal, perhaps less immediate past, which requires more plays than previous works of Gazzè. For the individual who anticipates the release, "Non era previsto", there is provided a video inspired by the movie "Being There", where Max plays the role of the great Peter Sellers.
2002 is dedicated above all to live: if January is the occasion of a tour in theaters in which the Roman artist has completely rearranged songs of his repertoire for the summer finds the training that had accompanied him on the tour following "Favola di adamo ed eva" and returns to sound more rock.
Meanwhile Gazzè collaborated on "Bondo Bondo!", disc Bandabardò, where he plays and sings on two tracks.
At the beginning of 2003 Gazzè is contacted by the French singer Stephan Eicher, who had collaborated on "Il dolce della vita", a song in this "Ognuno fa quello che gli pare?".
The occasion of the call is a repeat of the same piece, which will be titled "Taxi Europe" and will appear on the homonymous disc Eicher published in May.
Unhappy with the lack of support received for the last album, Max breaks with Virgin and signing for EMI, in pursuit of a new album.
The extraordinary artist fertility of Max Gazzè is confirmed for the umpteenth time, and the new material is recorded already in the summer with the support of Peng (group with which Max previously collaborated early career).
The fall tour alongside Eicher, which leads him to perform throughout Europe, a delay of a few months the release of "Un giorno", which sees the light in April 2004.
The contribution of a real band (with the special presence of two low, since Gazzè has not given up his favorite instrument) is felt, and the record sounds much more 'live' than refinement and trials "Ognuno fa quello che gli pare? ".
The second single, "Annina", with its powerful guitars, best represents the rock soul of this album, however, that does not renounce to the most thoughtful and sensitive (as in the first single, "La Nostra nuova vita").
With summer then the "A Day Tour 2004", in which Gazzè and Peng playing on stages all over Italy the energy and harmony already undertaken in the last studio work. The triumphant opening date (with an entrance fee only 6 €) takes place in a packed tent at the Global Village in Rome.

Max Gazzè latest songs:

Max Gazzè continued to release albums and doing concerts, with varying success.
Always loved by an audience 'radical chic Italian', Max has the disadvantage of repeating the same chords and the same melodies endlessly.
Unfortunately this is more negative criticism that can be done to this good cantanutore: you are not able to renew musically, perhaps because it's always been 'ahead' in time with that now does not know what is more 'forward' today.
Even his latest success of 2015 "La vita com'é" repeats the same identical melodies and chords

Sotto casa, Max Gazzè, one of the last big success of this singer

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