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Valerio Scanu songs bio and gossip of the Italian singer

Who is Valerio Scanu? We met for the first time to "Amici 8", where he placed second, after Alessandra Amoroso, and now has become a competitor of The Island of the Famous 2015!
Singing and race for survival: someone can not see the connection, but the latter is and explained, without mince words, the singer himself: "I do it because I now have an independent label and the 'shipwreck 'it would help self finance ". And then you have also specified the admin of his Facebook page: "In a recent interview with the weekly magazine Gente, has confessed that he would participate in reality only for economic reasons profits to help fund the new recording project ever to be 'independent' with NatyLoveYou, his record label. "
Yes, Valerio was on his own, after closing all the doors with the record company EMI Music, which would not be able to bring out the best of him; former talent has not lost heart, he continues to sing and take part in drill programs, and as Such What Show (where he was targeted by the other competitors) did not win by a narrow margin, just as it did a few year prior to Amici di Maria De Filippi!

Learn all about friendship ended badly Valerio and Alessandra!

He hoped to relaunch in Sanremo 2015, but was rejected by Carlo Conti, who had "approved" in Tale and What: remember that Valerio won the 60th edition of the Sanremo Festival with the song Per tutte le volte, written by Pierdavide Carone.
Valerio Scanu partecipates at Festival Sanremo 2016 with the song "Finalmente piove" (Finally it rains)

If you are interested in finding other interesting tidbits about biography and private life of Valerio Scanu, you just have to keep reading!

Board of Valerio Scanu

Amici and Sanremo, the success and failure with EMI

Valerio Scanu managed to realize his biggest dream thanks to her parents Sonia and Tonino (also has a brother named Alexander), which allowed him to participate in Songs under the tree Christmas notes - here he met Beppe Vessicchio - and Bravo, very good where it came out triumphant around 2000.
Valerio tried to participate in X Factor, the musical Romeo and Juliet of Riccado Cocciante and America Idol in France, but without success; the 2008 edition of Friends, however, brought him much luck and was able to post, once the experience, his first EP titled Feeling. 
His first album (Valerio Scanu) was published in 2009 and the song "Ricordati di Noi" later became the soundtrack of the teenage movie "Amore 14" by Federico Moccia.
At this point, he managed to make their way in the music world: February 20, 2010 came out on top at the Sanremo Festival with the song Per tutte le volte: his second album was called in the same way; the third was, however I start from here while the fourth was presented to Amici, in 2012, during the competition of the Big, where he triumphed Alessandra Amoroso and the second place was instead placed Emma Marrone.
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Gossip about Valerio Scanu:

Valerio Scanu was for years an idol girls teens Italian, then recently 'made autoing and said that he would fall in love with a man.
This news gave even more publicity to this young Italian singer, one of the most popular in this period.

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