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Creativity is in Your Hands é un divertente video che si può trovare su Youtube e sui vari social e che sta avendo un grande successo proprio in questi giorni, si pensi che su Facebook è stato visto almeno da quasi 500 milioni di persone, visto che ha avuto oltre 40 milioni di condivisioni ( che poi bisogna moltiplicare per 10 - circa - per capire quante persone lo hanno visto)
Creativity is in Your Hands  ha avuto molto successo perché fa vedere come da un solo piccolo pezzo di stoffa, con un pò di fantasia e creatività si possano costruire tanti abiti.
E' proprio grazie alla creatività dei designer italiani che la Nostra economia ha ancora dei lati positivi, proprio grazie ai milioni di euro di prodotti di moda che riusciamo ad esportare ogni anno.

Mary, Did You Know? (Pentatonix) traduzione testo video

Mary, Did You Know? é una tipica canzone di Natale che parla di Gesù Bambino e Maria, la bella favola che si trova nei Vangeli, ed é la nuova cover dei Pentatonix, un gruppo vocale che sta avendo un grande successo in questi ultimi mesi in tutto il mondo.

Mary, did You know? E' una canzone natalizia scritta nel 1984, ma pubblicata solo nel 1994 e si presta molto bene per essere cantata da un coro gospel.

I Pentatonix, d'altronde é un gruppo di 5 cantanti che di solito fanno cover di canzoni famose, cantando 'a cappella', inizialmente formato da 3 compagni di scuola: Scott Hoying, Kirstie Maldonado e Mitch Grassi, ai quali poi si sono aggiunti altri 2, così che poi si sono specializzati in cover di brani famosi, hanno partecipato ad una trasmissione televisiva talent-scout che hanno vinto.

Dal 2011 sono stabilmente attivi e hanno un notevole successo specialmente su YouTube, si pensi che questa canzone, uscita nemmeno una settimana fa, ha già quasi 3 milioni di visualizzazioni.

Christopher Columbus, Italian Explorer

The Egg of Columbus is one of the greatest hoaxes of all time, which is taught at school and that is passed for good.

In fact, even in the days of Christopher Columbus in many universities in the world, have taught that the earth had a spherical shape.
The only comment made by the Catholic Church to the voyage of Columbus - reported in the writings of St. Augustine - was not that the Indies could not exist, but that there could be men, as to those lands there was only the sea and its inhabitants of the place so they could be the descendants of Adam and Eve.
These interesting historical reconstructions are in this drama of RAI in 4 episodes that shows us the life of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America, which was still called so because Columbus thought they were indie (from whose name the Indians took ).
America is the name given by Amerigo Vespucci until years after the new continent.

10 Best Motivational Songs

What are the songs that can help us, when we do a workout in the gym?

 There are many, but they must have a basic characteristic: the rhythm.

There are lot motivational songs, below we have some choices that, in addition to a large groove, also of particular words or are tied to particular videos or movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol.1

Guardians of the Galaxy ha già incassato oltre 750 milioni di dollari in tutto il mondo, e non è certo finita qui.

Questo film narrato in maniera eccellente avrà molti più introiti, specialmente da gadgets, giochi, DVD, Blu Ray e... dischi.
Sì, perché nonostante la colonna sonora dei Guardiani della Galassia sia una compilation, é una compilation che spacca, che fa ballare , di brani quasi sconosciuti ai giovani.

Enrico Fermi: Italian who changed the World

When Enrico Fermi went into the most prestigious Italian university, as a student, He teaching theoretical physics to students and teachers...
This talent is partly innate, partly due to the fact that when he was 14, his brother, and he died in despair, he began to study like a maniac.
In adolescence, he went to buy a book written in Latin "Elementorum physicae mathematicae" where they explained the basics of astronomy, mathematics, optics and acoustics.
Enrico Fermi was a student so bright that ended a year early high school, and when he appeared for the entrance exam to the faculty of mathematics and physics at the most prestigious Italian university, ie the Scuola Normale di Pisa, made an assessment that the professors did not believe he had written to him, but when they did the oral examination, he was told that in the future he would become a great scientist.

Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice but not just

Italy is inhabited since prehistoric times, and long before the Roman Empire.
Has had important as the Etruscan civilization - a civilization influenced both by indigenous culture, and the Greeks - that profoundly influenced the Roman Empire (the first Kings of Rome were  Etruscans) and then, the whole Italian culture as we know it today.
To know deeply Italy, for every tourist is advised to spend their holiday in a 'less touristy' of these great cities, and from there, move (by train or by private transport) and calmly, to visit museums, palaces, churches that are full of masterpieces.
From the architecture of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, every corner of Italy is full of treasures: paintings, sculptures, to discover and see.
Every small town has its jewel.

Amazing Italian Ghost Town: Civita di Bagnoregio

This is one of the most amazing ghost town: Civita di Bagnoregio.
It 'a small town far from the main roads, between Umbria and Lazio, in the province of Viterbo and about 20 kilometers from the famous Orvieto.
Just like Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio was certainly inhabited by the Etruscans, but certainly before it was inhabited by primitive peoples who were in that area fertile.

2,500 years ago, we were the first geological problems that are still very visible.
These landslides are slowly crumbling all around to keep the Civita di Bagnoregio and also the hill where the city.
For this reason, the inhabitants have moved slowly over the centuries a few hundred meters away, where a new city has sprung.
Civita di Bagnoregio is inhabited by very few people and can be reached only on foot; a bridge connects it to 'stable ground', as you can see from the photographs.