Incredible: Rai wants Italian pay a tax - 120 euros a year - for people who have PCs and tablets - according to a law of 1932, as they are able to see the Rai Tvs ...

Unbelievable; the protest on Italian web and Twitter is great, in practice the Italian citizens, according to the release RAI, Italian television, which the Italian State is the owner, from next year, even if they have the television , will have to pay 120 euros, in order to use their own hardware, if connected with internet.
Unbelievable, this is the only word that we would like to say.

The tax of Rai, "canone Rai" who every Italian citizen pays, to see Tv,  just from 1954, when Rai borns is an old tax, an injustificable tax, on 2012, but Rai, instead to try to remove it, is trying to 'expand' ... Ps: of course, if that new tax, will be able, also who has smartphone will must pay that tax.
Source: Corriere della Sera.

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  1. Don't you know how to write in proper English?
    Get a translator! It's awful! Pitiful English!
    Stick to Italian or get it translated professionally! Your English quality is both ridiculous, embarassing, but also funny and entertaining!

  2. I love my entertaining English, tnx


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