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Best Italian Songs Ever

The best Italian songs: it's not easy to say which are the best Italian songs.
The term Italian music, is a type of music that was born in Italy with the Opera, in fact this term as we know it, can be traced back to the late 1800s (for Gianni Borgna one of most important resercher about history of Italian music -  even in the middle of '800 with "Saint Lucia") from the living room or the romance of operetta arias, tha now we call it song spread throughout the 900, has its own magic moment of wide spread popular (thanks to the invention of technical means of reproduction and listening at low cost, the turntable and vinyl record) in the 50-80 years with a peak in the 60s and half of the '70s.
In short, the first Sanremo Music Festival(1951) to the first free radio (1974).
  • Top 100 Italian songs of today

So, what do we mean when we say the best Italian song?

  • The song has sold more copies?
  • The song that changed most profoundly the Italian musical style?
  • The best song sung?
  • The Italian song that comes closest to 'Opera?
  • The song that has won more awards?
  • Italian song most popular in the world?
  • And when this song was popular, today, 10 years ago, 50, 100?

Best Italian Songs Ever

Top Italian songs of all time

Music is my passion and Italian music I can say that a little bit, I know, and certainly in Italian music there were three more than any other musicians who have influenced, and perhaps influenced, as well as Italian music, the music world:
  1. Giuseppe Verdi
  2. Lucio Battisti
  3. Giorgio Moroder
  4. Raffaella Carrà

Best Italian songs Nabucco Choir, by Giuseppe Verdi

  • written in 1836, soon reached a great popularity in Italy, and even now is very popular, we think that years ago, there was a petition, a petition to change the current Italian National Anthem with this wonderful choir, however, the choir has as subject the Jews slaves in Mesopotamia, and, although its true meaning was to awaken the spirit of Italian nationalism.
  • This is a Masonic revolutionary song, written by Mason and patriot Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901) , who helped the Italian people to realize that in reality was a slave, a slave of the Austrians, the French, the Spanish and the Vatican, it was thanks to this song that the Italian people, led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, Mazzini, Cavour and King Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, succeeded to make a revolution and become a unitary state in 1861.
  • Musically, it is one of the most popular pieces by Verdi in the world, and one of the 'songs' lyrical music that influenced melody and lyrical music.

Best Italian songs, Love to Love You Baby 

  • Love To Love You Baby (1975), is a song written by Giorgio Moroder with Donna Summer. Giorgio Moroder, borns in 1940, is an Italian producer, songwriter and performer, very famous in the U.S., he lives in Los Angeles, and winner of three Grammy Awards, is not very famous in Italy, but this song is proof that was one of the most influential Italian composers of the twentieth century.
  • This song is considered the first disco song in the world, and this makes us understand what may have meant the genius of Moroder for the music world, Italy, to this day is one of the places where they make the most of disco music high quality, and DJ Italians are famous all over the world, from italo disco 80s, Benny Benassi, music and Italian style deeply influenced disco music.

 Respirandoti - Battisti - Best Italian songs

  • We are in 1977 and every album that Lucio Battisti public, is an event in Italy. Battisti now sells most of foreign singers, his records are the most anticipated of the year, are also the most expensive, the first LP in Italy which cost over 50,000 pounds, was to Battisti, was a highly anticipated LP, as the first written without the help of Mogul. This "Respirandoti", is a song that is part of a particular style that Battisti song resumes from South America, but that adds to the tone and the lyrics of the song bucolic Italian 'country', and the arrangements that are very close to jazz. It 'hard to say which is the best Italian song wrote by Lucio Battisti, because Lucio has written at least 20 or 30 timeless masterpieces.

Pensieri e Parole - Lucio Battisti - Best Italian songs

  • Lucio Battisti  (1948 - 1998) is considered the best Italian songwriter, and musician who has influenced most of all the so-called 'Italian song'. He 'was a precursor to almost all genres of music of Italy, listening to music a lot of English and American 50s and 60s, and has always experimented with new forms of music, and together with lyricist Mogol, managed to write the unforgettable songs, that are still heard, played by the Italian radio, and inspiring to this day almost all composers of Italian songs, those, to understand that follow the style of traditional Italian song, with a melody well marked.
  • "Pensieri e Parole" is a track from 1971, a very special song, Battisti was already having a great success and wanted to write a song very special: they are actually two songs with two different melodies, put together to form one beautiful song . The producer of Battisti, did not want to publish it, but he insisted Mogol, until one day, they went to Italian television and, thanks to one of the best Italian television directors managed to make this masterpiece, maybe 30 years later than the others, it is in fact a real mash-up, the first, that I have notice..
  • Battisti: an absolute genius, thank You, to have existed.

Top Italian songs, Rumore - Raffaella Carrà.

  • Rumore, is a song sung by Raffaella Carrà, pubblished on 1974, the first example of Italo Disco. Rumore is a song wrote by Guido Maria Ferilli , who wrote other Italian songs, but he is not too famouse. This song talks about a woman who leaves her man, but after to ear "rumore" (noise) in her house, she remeber the time who loves him and when they live together. Rumore sold 10 millions copies and is the 3rd song more sold in the Italian music history.

Best Italian songs ever   Io vivo per Lei (Bocelli), below:

Best Italian songs Io che non vivo più di un'ora senza Te.(You Don't Have to Say You Love Me)

This song, written by Pino Donaggio in 1965, is a typical Italian romantic song, and is one of the few translated into English, was able to succeed abroad.
The problem of Italian music abroad, it is this: the translation.
The Italian language is a Latin language, which can easily be translated into French or Spanish, but if the Italian songs are translated into other languages ​​lose all their musicality, or lose their meaning, in fact, the translation of this song is not a real literal translation, as demonstrated by the fact that was a huge success and they were done dozens of covers.
Best Italian Songs Ever

IL SILENZIO - NINO ROSSO - Top Italian song

We conclude with a musical piece that you might not expect to find in the standings because, despite a good success in the 60s, did not enter the Italian imagination. In fact, it has found great success especially abroad. We are talking about The Silence, almost exclusively instrumental song recorded in 1964 by trumpeter Nini Rosso.

Piedmontese jazz and orchestral formation, Rosso had tried in the early 1960s to play some lighter songs, meeting a moderate success. During a concert held at the Palaeur in front of young soldiers, he decided to execute a personal version of the unpublished silence announced by the military trumpet. And he made him interweave his solo part with a melancholy recitative, in which he talked of a soldier far away from his girlfriend.
The success of this particular track, in that concert, was so resounding that Red decided to record it on record. Recording reached the top of the Italian rankings in 1965, but was imposed mainly in northern Europe and Japan. In fact, he came to sell several million copies (although the figures range from 5 to 10 million, depending on the source). Red, who was long engaged in international tours to ride this unexpected success, could no longer repeat that exploitation. For all the 1960s, however, he appeared in various musical films (the famous musicians) and participated in festivals around Italy and beyond. Famous, always at that time, also his solo man Solo, which was used as the nickname of the popular television series Lieutenant Sheridan Murder Team.

There are many other beautiful Italian songs, but I wanted to put these because, as I said, I seem to be the most important, but if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment, I'll be happy to answer you ...
Italian music.

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