E=mc2: The Italian formula, stolen by Einstein

The equation of Einstein's E=mc2 would not by.... Albert Einstein, but made 2 years before by a self-taught Italian mathematician, Olinto De Pretto.

The shocking revelation comes from the Italian mathemacian and from an article of British newspaper "Guardian" that already years ago, had told the genesis of the famous formula of relativity (time and motion are relative to the observer's position, if the speed of light is constant), otherwise known as E = mc2 (mass-energy equivalence)  .

Italian village without sun: Viganella

The only city with no sun in Italy: Viganella
Viganella is a small town of Piedmont, in the province of Verbania, where the sun's rays never reach.
The sun's rays never arrive in this small village because it is in middle  to the mountains of the Alps, and thanks to the mountains, the sun's rays do not come to heat their homes.
If this is a good thing in the summer season, it is not a good thing in the winter season.
Here then a few years ago was built a mirror on top of the mountains, in order to reflect sunlight even in the center of the small town.

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