Italian weapons Beretta

beretta italian weapon
Pietro Beretta is an Italian arms factory, the most famous, the oldest and most prestigious Priu trademark of Italian weapons.
The arms factory Beretta has now completed 500 years and is famous worldwide for its automatic pistols, to shotguns, rifles for rifle shooting, but also for automatic rifles and hunting, which defensive war, for the submachine gun, the Beretta was the second machine gun built in Italy.
Beretta weapons are already very famous in Italy in the twentieth century.
All hunters Italians know what it means to have a gun Beretta: aim and shoot is fast and easy as drinking a glass of water and all they can do it, I have had the good fortune to own a shotgun overlapped Beretta and I assure you that it is one of the guns that are used in the most natural way in the world: take it in hand... and you've already done the center.

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