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Visualizzazione dei post da Dicembre, 2011

Circus Maximus: the largest Stadium in the World

Circus Maximus It's incredible that after 30 centuries the largest stadium in the world is still Circus Maximum . Could contain up to 350.000 people and the entrance was free, offered by the state were the famous chariot races, gladiatorial shows, and also of wild beasts.


The BTO is without doubt the Italian event which tells the story of tourism in Italy today. He tells us what is happening and what will happen: an observatory reliable and attentive to the changes, combining with the technological changes in society: it makes us understand where we came to show us what the future holds. There are three important aspects that the fourth edition of BTO showed: Technological developments and their impact - The problems related to lack of investment in travel and tourism

Italian Defence under attack of the crisis

Finmeccanica Finmeccanica is the Italian company that deals with defense , and in these days of big Italian crisis , has been the subject of much news of economics and finance, as it was said that could fail. It 'a state company strategically very important, because, in practice, has interests in all major industries that deal with defense technology , energy and other strategic industries in Italy and can not fail, just for the Italian security .

Italian economic crisis. an easy solution

Celentano In this period of great economic and financial crisis Celentano public a good song: ' Il mutuo '  ( The mortgage ) , in which the great Italian singer analyzes the Italian economic situation and gives us a simple solution for that Christmas 2011 : the decrease . The song is written as a letter from a man to his wife and starts saying that he does not want to take more loans , because they pollute our economy, adding that we must turn to a more simple, artisan, without lowering wages also says the most important thing: to return to the beauty, the only real advantage that Italian natural resource: tourism and culture ... Simple solutions to complex problems, it seems, in fact too simple solutions ... however, the song is very beautiful, as follows:


Italian spinone The Italian Spinone dog breeds derived from the Roman times but only in the fifteenth century we have evidence of its existence, from a fresco by Mantegna, right here, this dog was a sign of royalty. His temperament is gentle, peaceful and loving and expresses intelligence, confirmed by his exceptional ability to learn. His greatest wish is to meet the master in his will. For his patience and his sociability is also suitable to be with family and children. It 'a race for its unique morphological and behavioral skills.