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Ultras of Feyenoord beaten by Italian police

Italian police seems to have acted very hard, against the Dutch fans Feyanord. Fans of Feyenoord - Duch football club in Rotterdam - that will play tonight against Roma, were last night in a central square of Rome, sang and enjoyed themselves, many of them had been drinking alcohol. Were loaded and beaten by the Italian police. La polizia italiana sembra che abbia agito molto duramente nei confronti dei tifosi olandesi del Feyenoord.

Weaponry of the Italian Armed Forces

The Italian armed forces are composed of approximately 350,000 permanent, 65,000 of reserves, plus 238,000 paramilitary (carabinieri, coast guard, etc.) For a total of 654,000 military. The Italian army , has 1191 tanks, of which 605 " Leopard " (even if the entire line has been ordered "out of service"), 389 " Centauro " and 197 " Ariete " (47 of these means however, will be decommissioned by 2018). "The Secretary then went on to list the consistency of armored combat vehicles : are around 2979. But "in particular, has been ordered" out of service "for all 381 M113 and a" 6614G "while remaining in service 553 "VCC1", 1207 "VCC2", 367 " Puma ", 198 " Dardo " and 119 " Freccia "). Artillery: in all there are 1454. The Italian Navy has 60 warships (one aircraft carrier, amphibious units 4, 4 destroyers, 11 frigates, three replenishment tankers, six corvettes, 1

Italian bidet; more hygienic toilet in the world?

Today we talk about a very particular: hygiene, especially hygiene in the bathroom and Italian bidet. Use the bathroom is one of the first things they teach us as children and we do automatically, almost without thinking. We go to the bathroom, there we clean, we wash and we clean the bathroom. Behind these simple procedures, however, there is a whole history, a culture and a tradition that comes from far away, and that is not the same in all countries of the world. The Bidet for example, is a French invention of the seventeenth, which came almost immediately in Italy thanks to the monarchy that was at the time in Naples. How ancient Romans cleans after use Toilet From Naples, this hygienic tradition is spread throughout Italy and Italians were right to export it to South America, North Africa and the Middle East; in these places, thanks to the teachings of the Koran that says to use water to clean (... and purify). In Italy, however, many do not know that the bidet is vir

Amazing Italian Alternative Model: Riae Suicide

The interviews have always something more than the articles: are the portrait of an individual's personality. More or less interesting. And I have had the pleasure to exchange a few words with an artist very interesting and very beautiful. An art-model amazing, from the look sassy and with a little body sinuous. She is Riae Suicide... Who is Riae Suicide and what he did before he became an alt-model ?