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When Italy wanted to attack New York

In July , 1942, Junio ​​Valerio Borghese studied a very ambitious project , an attack of the X ª Flottiglia MAS  at the port of New York. He was selected the Atlantic submarine " Leonardo da Vinci" ) Base BETASOM of Bordeaux as a means to get closer to the Hudson Bay The submarine would have to carry to the mouth of the Hudson a little midget submarine type CA ( which was sent by train to Bordeaux, for the operation of the CA 2 ) into a "well" formed in place of the bow gun . Lieutenant Eugene Massano , was also sent to Bordeaux, the commander of the X ª Flottiglia MAS, Borghese would have to drive the small class CA carrying some "men range " ( divers assault ) and 28 explosive charges from 20 to 100 kg, would be brought into the harbor to undermine the ships.

Italians are too lazy to work

Italians and Neapolitans are too lazy to work . The Socialist mayor of Berne, did a comedy sketch, which had as its object jokes about Our countrymen, one of the most numerous foreign ethnic groups in Switzerland. Ironic that many Swiss, including some fellow party of the mayor of Berne, have seriously considered inappropriate for their racist tone.

Earthquake in Italy on Christmas

An earthquake of magnitude 4.0 was recorded at 5:20 in the Strait of Messina, off the coast of Sicily and Calabria today december, 23. According to the findings of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), the earthquake had a 7.3 km hypocenter depth and epicenter close to Messina and Reggio municipalities of Campo Calabro and Villa San Giovanni. No damage to persons or property was reported.

Who are "Pitchfork", Italian protester?

Rising unemployment , economic crisis , high taxes , politicians who do not care about the citizens, but only of their own interests , these are the ingredients of the recipe that produced the protest on 9 December , called the Italian revolution , in which hundreds , perhaps thousands people are participating in all of Italy . They are called   Pitchforks   , as some of them already took part in protests in Sicily a few months ago, but now the problem is at the national level : students in Rome , Turin unemployed , land owners and farmers at the center Italy , everyone wants to do something, even if it is a lot of confusion . Cosa Nostra in Sicily Behiond protest? The Italian protest does not have a real political ideology , it's just the result of the discontent that sooner or later it had to explode.

Gigi D'Alessio e Povia solidarizzano coi Forconi

Ecco due cantanti italiani che sembrano voler dare tutto il Loro appoggio alle manifestazioni che si stanno tenendo in tutta Italia, manifestazioni fatte da diverse associazioni tra cui quella dei Forconi . Gigi D'Alessio lo ha detto durante un programma radiofonico che appoggia la protesta dei forconi, e che anzi farà di più: un concerto in mezzo all'autostrada per sensibilizzare l'opinione pubblica sul problema della cosiddetta terra dei fuochi, quei luoghi in Campania, cioé in cui sono stati versati rifiuti tossici per anni. Non da meno il cantante Povia :

Map of Ancient Rome in 3D for Kids

Here are some videos that show the ancient Rome in 3D , funny for children who have to learn the history. Ancient Rom e was the first great Western civilization , which later, all of Western civilization has reverted to its cultural foundations. Roman Empire   has given the knownledge  to the territories which won the three main resources on which it based its civilization : The Roman aqueducts The Roman roads Roman law In a word, the organization. Belove, You'll find the history of roman emperors .

Maserati 100 Years of History

Maserati Ghibli of 60s Maserati is one of the Italian car brands of luxury. Known throughout the world, by the time the Maserati brand has had its ups and downs, but it was with the oil crisis of 1973 that this brand seemed to be definitively lost. Resources only in the early 2000s, thanks to Fiat and Ferrari in particular, which succeeded thanks to its rich clients to revolutionize this brand, sharing the concept that Maserati is a car for many but not for all. It is often said that the Italian automotive brands are among the most prestigious in the world . Nothing is more true if we consider for example a Maserati , a builder who became famous for his victorious race cars, but also for the elegance and refinement of his style .