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Why this article , Mr. Paul Kruger ? You are one of the biggest influencer of global finance and economy. You have won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2008, You have responsibilities, You are doing Economic Terrorism , in this way.. What are Your goals?  The fame?  Selling books?  Financial speculation? 

Best Italian Beaches 2012, the list

Italian Beaches As every year, Italian Culture publishes a list of the best Italian beaches , this year the association ' Blue Flag ', has given its flag to the best Italian beaches of 2012, the list is drawn up for the cleanliness of the sea, which the reception of tourists, in the Italian seaside resorts. Below is the official list: All Blue Flag beaches 2012 seconds the award by the FEE ( Foundation for Environmental Education ). This list, starts from the regions of Northern Italy, to southern Italy, some advice: if you look for places with more services , nightclubs, amusement parks, go to the North, but if You want nature, unspoiled places, and want to eat well, spending little , then go to the South and Islands: You will be fine. PIEDMONT (2) Cannero Riviera (Verbania), Cannobio Lido (Verbania) LOMBARDY  (1) Gardone Riviera (Brescia) FRIULI (2): Grado (Gorizia), Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) VENETIA  (6) Province of Venice: San Michele al Tagliamento -

Grillo the commedian will save Italy full show English subtitles

Beppe Grillo comedian/ politician In Italy is going on, for years, a revolution: a revolution that comes from the web , by the people, and popular participation, and this thing is also happening in other European Countries. Beppe Grillo , one of the best Italian comedians , already at least 30 years, he is more popular than Roberto Benigni in Italy, his success comes from to an ironic criticism of current society, in the style of George Carlin , to understand.


Suicides In Sociology, the Copycat Suicide is suicide for emulation , and the impression one gets from a few weeks in Italy , is that it is happening right now, here, a phenomenon that until recently seemed to be unknown among Italian entrepreneurs. Are 23 businessmen , who from the beginning of 2012, have committed suicide due to economic problems , and the press is giving great prominence to this phenomenon.


Calvi, the God's banker The secrets of the Vatican , by hundreds, thousands of years, makes the Italians crazies. The Italian people is by nature a 'conspirator', We thinks, that someone conspired against our own interests: the many ' conspiracy theories ', which today are trends on the web, have always existed in Italy, every little fact, we do not look the evidence, but what is hidden behind the evidences ...