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A sinking heart, that's what I felt when I saw for the first time in the Dolomites.
When I arrived in Trentino, I was about 12 years and, of course, I had heard about it: I grew up in the city yes, but I had already lived through the countryside, the hills and the beautiful Italian sea and beaches but I've never seen anything like it except in television, but seeing there and walk on ... I assure you it is another thing.

Ducati Diavel the secrets of Italian style

ducati diavel
Ducati Diavel
Diavel: in Bolognese dialect means Devil.
It 'just the latest in a stunning motorcycle with the Ducati brand, a brand that means Italian style.
Ducati for years is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world.

Thanks to a special feature, the desmodromic, these bikes are unique in the world, in addition to having the opportunity to have an engine that is more space inside the chassis, have a very particular sound that emphasizes the brutal power.


Italian sparkling wine
Spumante italiano
In a time of economic crisis such as this - the worst economic downturn since the end of the European Union from WWII, said the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel - is the production and export of Italian wine that is giving a great hand to our economy.
Italy is at risk of default, but the Italian wine and Italian sparkling wine being giving, just in these days the best of themselves to help Us.

Italy is in default?

italy in default
Italian default
What would happen if Italy should fail?
In Italy these days the risk of default has hit points than ever before - at least since the euro's -.
The Italians have concerns because the majority of citizens have invested their savings in bonds, and if it should happen as in Argentina and one morning he goes to the ATM and this gives us more of our money?

Italian Genius: a solution for everything

Fog in North Italy
Italy has been considered, always the home of the inventors.
He must have thought that a gentleman in 1978, a famous TV show "Portobello", a television program that rewarded the best invention, showed up with a solution to a problem that there are more traditional in Italy: the Po Valley fog - in Northern Italy -.
The Po Valley (image satellite on right: fog on Po Valley), which includes the entire bed of the Po River, from Turin to Milan until you arrive in Venice in winter, since it is surrounded by the Alps, the great mountains in Europe, has, in practice every day the fog.
Why not pave a Mont in Liguria thought this man?

Siti di economia rilevanti - Investimenti e Finanza

  Siti di economia rilevanti: 14,009 14,434 22 37,049 16,526 11,917 21 27,409 19,838 8,605 20 14,951 meteofinanza....