The hottest women in the World: Milla Jovovich

I confess: I love Milla Jovovich, becaus she is one of the hottest women in the world, just to 1997, the first time I saw "The Fifth Element", a film by Luc Besson, 1997.
Tall, beautiful, blonde, blue eyes, is the typical Nordic beauty.
With Milla Jovovich want to open this new tag to the blog, which will be called "The Hottest Women in the World".

Milla Jovovich turns 40
  • Today Milla has 40 years (was born Dec. 17, 1975) and see how You may of course is even more beautiful. Milla is also definitely more mature, now has two children, had with her husband and director Paul WS Anderson.
As a good the Italian male, I presume to know, or rather, to distinguish a beautiful woman, a woman who is considered to be beautiful, just because of the great Major, have decided that the woman in question is considered beautiful.
Milla was the main actress of my erotic fantasies for a long time, I do not know why, but I think the thing, is due to an emotional factor.
Milla Jovovich is the prototype of a beautiful woman, that years of human evolution there has inculcated.
Some time ago, I wrote about Chloe MoretzEmma Watson
and Aishwarya Rai, the Indian actress who now, after marriage and childbirth is no longer as before, but Milla who has a daughter?
Milla is beautiful, as you can see in the photos, and the video below...

Mount Etna Volcano Eruption December 2015

Below the amazing photos of Mount Etna, the eruption of volcano on December 2015.
For foreign friends who do not know this amazing volcano, we say that it is not dangerous. Etna does great eruptions, but usually there are neither dead nor injured, only a grand sight to behold.
Of course you have to be at a safe distance from where you can take pictures like this, photos that leave amazed.
World Heritage in Italy
L'aeroporto di Catania è stato chiuso per precauzione ieri sera, intanto godiamoci le incredibili immagini che ci arrivano dalla Sicilia, da questo Vulcano famosissimo in tutto il mondo, cantato da poeti e letterati di tute le epoche.
Il Vulcano Etna ha deciso anche quest'anno di deliziarci con il suo spettacolo pirotecnico proprio quando era già ricoperto di neve.

Siti di economia rilevanti - Investimenti e Finanza

  Siti di economia rilevanti: 14,009 14,434 22 37,049 16,526 11,917 21 27,409 19,838 8,605 20 14,951 meteofinanza....