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A sinking heart, that's what I felt when I saw for the first time in the Dolomites.
When I arrived in Trentino, I was about 12 years and, of course, I had heard about it: I grew up in the city yes, but I had already lived through the countryside, the hills and the beautiful Italian sea and beaches but I've never seen anything like it except in television, but seeing there and walk on ... I assure you it is another thing.

The Dolomites are in the northeastern part of the Italian Alps are one of nature's most beautiful and exciting shows that Italy can offer.
Rivers of ink have been spent to describe these places, among others, are among the best organized for tourists from all over the Alps, and for the snow, skiing at the forefront, the summer climbing and camping, I do not know what else to tell you if you do not advise these videos in HD that I have chosen for You, that somehow give an idea of ​​how beautiful the Dolomites:
Dolomites in spring:

Dolomites in winter:

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