Italian Genius: a solution for everything

Fog in North Italy
Italy has been considered, always the home of the inventors.
He must have thought that a gentleman in 1978, a famous TV show "Portobello", a television program that rewarded the best invention, showed up with a solution to a problem that there are more traditional in Italy: the Po Valley fog - in Northern Italy -.
The Po Valley (image satellite on right: fog on Po Valley), which includes the entire bed of the Po River, from Turin to Milan until you arrive in Venice in winter, since it is surrounded by the Alps, the great mountains in Europe, has, in practice every day the fog.
Why not pave a Mont in Liguria thought this man?

After Fermi, Marconi, Leonardo, here's another Italian genius (laughing)
"It 's like a change of air in a room," says the Italian genius, "Just open a window (to destroy a mountain), since the port is already open (in the Tyrrhenian Sea to Venice )..."

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