Italian sparkling wine
Spumante italiano
In a time of economic crisis such as this - the worst economic downturn since the end of the European Union from WWII, said the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel - is the production and export of Italian wine that is giving a great hand to our economy.
Italy is at risk of default, but the Italian wine and Italian sparkling wine being giving, just in these days the best of themselves to help Us.

The quality of grapes this year is excellent, thanks to good weather there's been this summer, the hills of Tuscany, such as those of the Sicily and of Piedmont, have increased production and export is booming.
In this time of Christmas, in addition, also the Italian sparkling wine is able to have the same success we have the wine, there are many orders of Italian sparkling wine from around the world, interesting sweat say that this drink will take the place of French champagne in feasts, and on tables around the world is on the evening of Christmas on the evening of the last day of the year .

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