spinone italiano mantegna
Italian spinone
The Italian Spinone dog breeds derived from the Roman times but only in the fifteenth century we have evidence of its existence, from a fresco by Mantegna, right here, this dog was a sign of royalty.
His temperament is gentle, peaceful and loving and expresses intelligence, confirmed by his exceptional ability to learn.
His greatest wish is to meet the master in his will. For his patience and his sociability is also suitable to be with family and children. It 'a race for its unique morphological and behavioral skills.

http://canzoniitaliane.blogspot.it/search/label/tourism I was 4 years old when the house of my grandmother came an Italian Spinone, became my best friend, was much taller than me and was my playmate, I cried a lot when after a few years a hunter took it with him .. In the images below we can see an Italian Spinone pointing, one of the most beautiful scenes to behold, no one tells him what to do, thanks to centuries of breeding these dogs have an innate sense of the hunt and the type of hunting they have to perform ... fantastic

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