Best beaches in Italy: Villasimius - video

best beaches - sardinia
Villasimius, Sardinia
Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places for vacation in Italy, during the summer, with one of Best Italian Beaches.
Today, we look together Villasimius, South-eastern tip of Sardinia. Villasimius is one of the rental, Italy's most beautiful and wild.

In addition to a great sea, Villasimius, as a strategic point of Sardinia, was inhabited 4,000 years ago, here you will find the various human settlements,
fortresses and strongholds that over the centuries, have occurred.

People who live in the Sardinia are not an Italian people, but they are a native people, their genes are not the same genes in other European populations, were called by Ancient Egyptians, 'Sherden', the People of the Sea, and were paid by the pharaohs as combat troops for their great courage.
The people of sherden now called the Sardinian people, and despite the Sardinia was conquered several times by Romans, Arabs, French, Spanish, Italian, the Sardinian population has maintained its culture, traditions and language.
Be friendly with a Sardinian means having a treasure, a treasure that is well guarded.

In Sardinia, you will find great hospitality, low prices, many more foreign tourists, many Germans, British, and Italian, but mostly you will find a beautiful and wild nature, as well as plenty to eat, simple but delicious.
Now we see this simple video, shot by tourists, but very useful:

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