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 best italian beaches - sicily
Cape St. Vito
In one of the Best Italian Beaches, San Vito Lo Capo - Sicily, today will be 17 ° C. (62 ° F) and in the next week-end, you can swim.
Or Cape San Vito, is the North-Western tip of Sicily, a few kilometers from Palermo, is one of the most tourist and hospitality places of all Sicily.

The sea is wonderful, like being in the Caribbean, in fact the beach is white, but unlike the Caribbean, if a tourist wants to make a little journey through Sicily, will discover a fascinating world full of history, remember that the Sicily was part of Magna Graecia, and from 2,500 years ago, until the Roman Empire extended its boundaries was not a peaceful Greek province.
If you go to San Vito lo Capo, you have to eat fresh fish every morning the fishermen bring the Mediterranean, I recommend it.

Here's a video of one of the most beautiful places for holidays in Italy.
Ps: Fear of crime?
In Sicily there is one of the lowest rates of 'little criminality', the legendary 'mafia' encourages tourism, and seeks to protect those who come to Sicily to spend money.

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