10 mar 2012

Lamborghini Aventador J: Hyper Super Car

lamborghini aventador j
Lamborghini Aventador
6,498 cc., 700 HP, 350 kph (218 mph), all carbon fiber - it weighs only 1,500 kg.
Cost: U.S. $ 402,000 or 306,000 euros.

These are the numbers of the Lamborghini Aventador, the new supercar of Lamborghini brand, the brand has always been a rival of Ferrari, the two brands have factories a few kilometers of each other.
  • Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Warning: the model LAMBORGHINI Aventador "J", you see in the picture, will be built as a single unique exemplary, is the 'hyper super model' of Lamborghini Aventador, and will be modified to be even faster, he will be taken off the roof, air conditioner, the radio and ... the windshield, and will cost much more.
Presented today to Genève Motor Show, will be a nice toy for rich people ...

Lamborghini Aventador Official
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