SARDINIANS: Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea

sherden - pirates of mediterranean
As we said to speak about the beaches of Sardinia, the Sardinian people did not like the Italian origins.
The Sardinian population is much older than the Italian people, has a history that is lost in prehistory, Sardinia has been inhabited since 6,000 BC, and this people, with time has become one of the most feared peoples of the Mediterranean Sea, were called Shardana or Sherden.
The first news of Sherden - Shardana
you have the hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt, as the Sherdana were pirates, and made raids on the coasts around the Mediterranean Sea.

With time, they became allies of the pharaohs, even were part of the personal guard of Pharaoh, then considered the most feared warriors of that time.
They lived in Nuraghe, the stone fortresses, small villages, perhaps lived in tribes, and between them had blood ties and agreements between tribe and tribe, perhaps, why they became so powerful.
Near Sardinia, there were quarries of obsidian, the material to build weapons, perhaps because of this they became feared warriors, but what impresses most is that all these traditions, nannies are maintained over the centuries by the inhabitants of Sardinia, in fact, have the same ancient genes of their ancestors, which demonstrates that their culture has never been 'mixed' with that of other peoples who, over the centuries, they have invaded.

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