friendly fire - british special forces

Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara, were killed by 'friendly fire', is according to a witness, a woman present at the Blitz of Nigerian and British special forces, who a few days ago, they tried to free the hostages, kidnapped by a terrorist group Nigerian.

She told The Times, a woman named Hauwa, his wife of 31 year old keeper of the compound where the hostages were. Her husband was killed in the crossfire.
This reconstruction, together with the news that negotiations for the release of the hostages would have been started, throws even more discredited in this operation.
The President of the Italian Republic, Napolitano, has condemned this, saying that Italy was informed only blitz had taken place.
A source of Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb, and the local group Boko Haram, who kidnapped the two hostages, ensures that the ransom was paid Lamolinara and McManus, and liberation was imminent.
Sources of the English defense, instead they say that the kidnappers were about to escape in the Sahara, this was carried out the blitz ...

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