vatican secrets - god's banker
Calvi, the God's banker
The secrets of the Vatican, by hundreds, thousands of years, makes the Italians crazies.
The Italian people is by nature a 'conspirator', We thinks, that someone conspired against our own interests: the many 'conspiracy theories', which today are trends on the web, have always existed in Italy, every little fact, we do not look the evidence, but what is hidden behind the evidences...
This Our weakness, Italian politicians know it well, and they benefit from this in recent years, have done their convenience, without thinking to improve the life of the citizens, and have done so evident, but we, we always went to look for 'what was behind', and we got out the evidence of the facts ...

Unfortunately, this Our character comes from centuries of dominations, the mafia, the politic power of the Vatican, the oligarchies of powerful families of nobles, of patronage, the intelligence services 'special', the cold war, domestic terrorism ...

When Pope John Paul Ist died just days after he was elected Pope, once someone decided to 'something strange', but then came John Paul IInd, and the thing was forgotten, years later, reading the story, in fact, that death had a strange thing...

It had happened at a time, in which the Vatican had entrusted their money to people unreliable, there was a confusing web of interests, including the Vatican bank, the IOR and bankers of dubious fame, Roberto Calvi, banker, financier and Italian criminal, called 'God's banker', as in contact with the finances of the Vatican, but it would be more accurate to call it "The Devil's Banker" because it would 'corrupted 'the morality of the Vatican, which manages to recycle the money from the Mafia, thanks to the role he had, at the Vatican Bank, the IOR.

The journalist Ferruccio Pinotti strong powers in the book (BUR, 2005) investigated the death of Calvi, after having repeatedly listened to Calvi's son, who for years has reconstructed the events related to career and mysterious death of his father. 
Pinotti describes financial dealings with Calvi which could make the Banco Ambrosiano ( the bank of Calvi) master of himself, so you can manage independently. 
However, operations that make Calvi blackmail and force him to provide substantial funding to companies governed by the IOR led by Bishop Paul Marcinkus. 
When financial difficulties arise, the Ambrosiano tries, unsuccessfully, to recover money lent to the Institute vatican, who allegedly used the money received to help around the world and particularly in Poland, religious groups and politicians close to the Holy See. 
Calvi then would try to seek religious circles close to Opus Dei, that would be available to cover the debts of the IOR to gain more weight in the Vatican. 
Unsuccessful attempt, because hindered by those who, in the Vatican, Opus Dei fear that the power to grow and are willing to leave to prevent the failure of the Banco Ambrosiano. [Wikipedia Italy]

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