Italy Tuscany Churches to see: Freemasonry and mysteries

Ti stupirebbe trovare dei simboli pagani all'interno di una Chiesa medioevale?

Se questa la trovi in Toscana sì, perché non è certo una cosa frequente, specialmente se quella Chiesa é stata eretta intorno al VII° secolo sopra ad un'antica Chiesa romanica, a sua volta eretta sopra un tempio pagano.
Ecco allora che Pieve di San Pietro a Gropina (Loro Ciuffenna, Arezzo), considerato uno dei migliori esempi di architettura romanica in Toscana inizia a diventare affascinante dal momento in cui si trovano delle raffigurazioni zoomorfe nei capitelli e dal pulpito.

Italy Tuscany Churches to see
Zoomorphic figures
Un'escursione da non perdere se si passa da quelle parti.

Found the evidences of the first Italian freemasonry?
In the early 70's in Tuscany, in the small village of Gropina, were found evidence that the foundations of the local church, were made ​​in pre-Christian era, were also found remains of the foundations of the Roman imperial period, the really mysterious, however, is that the masons who built the church stands now, the Pieve of Saint Peter, dating from around the VII century, and built over the pagan temple dedicated to Diana.
Mysteries zoomorphic figures carved out of the heathen, as in the pulpit (photo on right), which is really an amazing work, as it immediately makes one think that the builders of the time were a bit too 'free', not online, with style of Italian Architecture,  were perhaps, the first Italian freemasonry?

apse of mysterious church
Apse of the mysterious Church
Here, is a mystery really fascinating, you can go, and see with your own eyes, in Gropina, a few kilometers from Arezzo, carved capitals of the Knights Templar, animals, green man,  and pagan symbols, that seems to indicate a link, between the modern and ancient Freemasonry secrets of masons and architects of the Italian High Middle Ages, linked to the Knights Templar, and then, to the Temple of Solomon.

freemason symbols
Gropina, Arezzo (Tuscany, Italy)

Above, a video with some photos of this strange Church, above, the link to Google Maps, for Your next trip, for Your next holidays in Italy..
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