4 Anonymous arrested in Italy

Operation with arrests and searches against alleged belonging to Anonymous and 'taking place throughout Italy, by the men of the Italian police post. The surveys are coordinated by Rome prosecutors.

According to surveys, the hackers would constitute a criminal association which became responsible for a series of attacks against information systems of critical infrastructure, institutional sites and major companies. The operation 'was carried out by the men of CNAIPIC, the Centre National Crime information for the protection of critical infrastructure of the Italian Postal Police.
Anonymous arrested in Italy
Anonymous arrested in Italy
They would be also responsible for the attacks on government sites, the Vatican and the Parliament.
There are 4 people arrested, who are now under house arrest, while a dozen of the searches carried out. According to investigations, the four arrested were part of the movement of Anonymus even if they exploited the logo for personal gain.

  • Source: ANSA

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