Adriano Celentano vs. Cruise Ships in Venice

Adriano Celentano vs. Cruise Ships in Venice
Cruise Ship in Venice
It 's amazing the interest and the apprehension of the press and TG for small fracture that I have caused to the 5th toe. And no, I mean NO ONE, has wasted a word for the battle that I carry from 10 days on the "Fatto Quotidiano" against the deadly giant ships of Venice. What do I think? That my "little finger" is much more important than the catastrophe that is going to meet the most beautiful city in the world? So why UNESCO has declared a "World Heritage" and my "little finger" still no consideration?

I do not say much, two words: "Hadrian, from days engaged in a sustained

cruise ship in venice
Cruise ship in Venice
campaign of protest against the destruction of Venice, last night he broke the little finger of the foot against the corner of a couch." It was enough that were reported this, and yet nothing. Even before the death of the German tourist crushed by a boat three days ago. But I understand them. A quote, however small, would be for the other papers tremendous harm, because they would be forced to mention the rival newspaper that hosted my anger against the Monsters. And the rule of the newspapers, which can not be more stupid, he says that, even when confronted with a story of vital importance not must be spoken, otherwise it advertises competitor. What matter if Venice is sinking. But I is not gonna stop, I will continue to talk about the other nine also had to break my fingers.
Adriano Celentano (translation from Official Blog of Celentano)

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