When Italy wanted to attack New York

When Italy wanted to attack New York

In July , 1942, Junio ​​Valerio Borghese studied a very ambitious project , an attack of the X ª Flottiglia MAS  at the port of New York.
He was selected the Atlantic submarine " Leonardo da Vinci" ) Base BETASOM of Bordeaux as a means to get closer to the Hudson Bay The submarine would have to carry to the mouth of the Hudson a little midget submarine type CA ( which was sent by train to Bordeaux, for the operation of the CA 2 ) into a "well" formed in place of the bow gun . Lieutenant Eugene Massano , was also sent to Bordeaux, the commander of the X ª Flottiglia MAS, Borghese would have to drive the small class CA carrying some "men range " ( divers assault ) and 28 explosive charges from 20 to 100 kg, would be brought into the harbor to undermine the ships.
The work was carried out in August 1942 and September were carried out testing release of CA 2 from Da Vinci , under the supervision of Lieutenant Eugene Massano .
  • Italian Air Force: first to use combat aircraft
The evidence obtained good results in the course of which the "Da Vinci" , the dive at about 12 meters could release the small AC and retrieve it.
In fact, the recovery was very remote and hypothesis had already predicted that the members of the Gamma Group would have to destroy the middle at the end of the operation before reaching the mainland .
The mission was postponed due to the loss of the Da Vinci May 23, 1943 and then canceled after the armistice of two months later. ( which have been followed similar raids against Cape Town and Freetown ) .

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