Italy and Germany defy US entering China's World Bank

France, Germany and Italy will follow Britain and participate in the bank's International Development Association led by China, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a potential rival to the World Bank.
This was reported by the Financial Times.
According to sources in the British newspaper, the participation of European countries and 'a challenge to the United States and a significant blow to the Obama administration, which has sought to convince Europe and not only that they would have greater influence of staying outside and pushing for standards credit more 'high.
  • Economic reforms in Italy
The US Treasury has expressed concerns over the governance of the bank launched by China and on environmental and social standards related to its loans.

L'Italia e la Germania entreranno nella nuova banca "Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank", una banca supportata da Cina ma anche Russia ed altri paese non proprio 'amici ' di Washington.
Finalmente anche 2 dei principali paesi europei, si sono decisi a fare il grande passo e stanno cercando di distaccarsi dalla politica economica e monetaria americana.
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Fonte: Ministero Economia e Finanze

Un piccolo passo per l'Italia, un grande passo per il popolo italiano.

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