Furore: best places to visit in Italy

Marina di Furore, Furore or more simply, it is one of the most incredible places in Italy, near Amalfi, in Campania.

This place, is little known because it is small and there are no roads for cars to get there, but the roads for pedestrians.
The mountain overlooking the sea, a small village with the old fishermen's houses, beaches, pebble beach, the Eco-museum, the collection of paper mills, windmills, canals, water towers dating back to the eighteenth century.
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Since 1997, as the Amalfi Coast, it has become a World Heritage Site, joining also the Club of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

The place is also disclosed for the permanent museum dedicated to actress Anna Magnani who, in 1948, arrived in the coastal to star in the episodic film "Love", directed by Roberto Rossellini and companion.
The Fjord can be reached at the bridge on the Fjord (23 km of the State Coast), through a flight of stairs leading to the beach.


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