Ducati Diavel the secrets of Italian style

ducati diavel
Ducati Diavel
Diavel: in Bolognese dialect means Devil.
It 'just the latest in a stunning motorcycle with the Ducati brand, a brand that means Italian style.
Ducati for years is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturing companies in the world.

Thanks to a special feature, the desmodromic, these bikes are unique in the world, in addition to having the opportunity to have an engine that is more space inside the chassis, have a very particular sound that emphasizes the brutal power.

Riding a Ducati, and I speak from experience, is a unique sensation, is a strong emotion, whether it's a 600cc to 1,200 cc of a.
The sound, or rather the peculiar roar help the feeling that you are driving a powerful motorcycle enhancing the thrill that every biker look on the throttle.
Do not we here to do a list of the most beautiful motorcycles, it would take too much and then I refer you to the official Ducati site, but I want to remember that the Italian design is carved into the seats in those tanks, lights and wheels with Italian designers.
To understand how popular Ducati motorcycle enough to say that the countries with the most successful are the ones where the motorcycle tradition is stronger than Japan, Germany and America, and, of course, Italy.
Below is the official video of Diavel (devil) the last great Ducati:

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