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The salaries of the Italians, are among the lowest in Europe, about 23,400 euros gross per year.
Still now, we are not a poor Country, but even We have one of largest gold reserve in the world, the economic crisis is still great.
The Italian economy, has a very low growth, Italy has a very large welfare state, which increases our national debt, the salaries of pubblic managers are very high, too high.
The waste of public resources, is one of the topics that always makes our Country a Country of B series.
One must consider that in Italy, a net salary is about half of gross salary.
This means that living with 1,000 euros per month, in a Country where it costs 500 euros a rent a small apartment, it is not easy, and discontent increases, day after day.
To find a work is a big problem in Italy, if you have no friends, unless you have relatives who can help you find a job, you have a huge problem, especially now that there's a crisis.

The Italian job market is like a sick elephant, hardly able to move, and if you are an unemployed person, you will find something to eat, you will also find a place to sleep, but you will live badly, to live without spending one euro and now there are millions people who live like this in Italy, trying to save money on what they eat.
Here is the list of gross salaries in Europe.

LUXEMBURG        48.914
NEDERLAND        44.412
GERMANY            41.100
BELGIO               40.698
IRLAND               39.858
FINLAND             39.197
FRANCE              33.574
AUSTRIA             33.384
GREECE              29.160
SPAIN                 26.316
CIPRUS               24.775
ITALY                23.406
PORTUGAL          17.129
SLOVENIA           16.282
MALTA                16.158
SLOVACCHIA      10.387
Source: Il Sole 24h

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