Berlusconi's women: the ultimate list

berlusconi's women
Women of Berlusconi
Tomorrow, is the International Women Day.
We, on this day, we want to do a little game, that I have not seen in the international press, a very fun game, that the Italian press over the last 6 months, has done many times, discover all the women of Berlusconi.
Mr. Berlusconi, is no longer the President of the Italian Government and some to Us Italians missing, I'm not talking about his politics, but the show that Mr Berlusconi had accustomed as Berlusconi lacks the comedians, who made a parody of Mr Berlusconi, lacking in critical every day, with people complaining of Berlusconi's choices, but lacks especially to Italian Gossip.

If you watch the video below, You'll understand why, Mr Berlusconi, in addition to having built one of the largest Italian media empires, had succeeded, with years of work to go to bed, the beautiful women who happened to know, the 'see list, below, is only a small part of the legendary list of women with whom Berlusconi ... made ​​a 'feast' (called Bunga Bunga).

If politicians are the mirror of the population, then, here in Italy, can be considered as Casanova?
Or are the rich and powerful, and that women are with us, only for Our Money and Our favors?
It 's a good question, especially today ...
Happy International Women Day, by Italy ....

Berlusconi's women: the list:

  • - Daniela Santanche, 49, Under Secretary of State
  • - Roberta Bonasia, 26, Turin, Torino 2010 Miss
  • - Sabina Began, 36, German actress
  • - Graziana Capone, 25 years
  • - Federica Gagliardi
  • - Francesca Pascale, 25, of Naples Provincial Councillor for the PDL
  • - Maria Rosaria Rossi, 38, PDL
  • - Aisha Gaddafi, 34, daughter of Gaddafi, a lawyer
  • - Cristina Ravot, 29, a jazz voice, Sardinia
  • - Darina Pavlova, 47, former model
  • - Ruby Rubacuori, 18, a Moroccan.
  • - Mary Esther. model
  • - Barbara Guerra, 32, actress.
  • - Barbara Faggioli, 25, reached the finals of Miss World.
  • - Eleanor and Imma De Vivo, 28, sisters, show-girls.
  • - Alessandra Sorcinelli, 26 years, show-girl.
  • - Elisa Toti, 31, has worked on the PDL campaign in 1999.
  • - Ioana Visan, 23 years, show-girl.
  • - Iris Berardi, 19 years, show-girl.
  • - Arisleida Espinosa, said Aris, 21, Dominican Republic.
  • - Raissa Skorkina, 30 years, mannequin italian-russian.
  • - Raffaella Fico, 23 years, show-girl.
  • - Francesca Cipriani, 26, show - girl.
  • - Miriam Loddo, 27, model.
  • - Manuela and Marianna Ferrera, 26, sister of Brescia, show-girls.
- Source: Novella 2000 - RCS is the owner, the biggest Italian Media Group - Corriere della Sera) -

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