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ferrari museum
Ferrari museum
It is these days, the news that in Modena, the city of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari Museum has opened.
Enzo Ferrari is the mechanic who invented the Ferrari brand, the pride of the Italian automotive technology.
Enzo Ferrari was called "The Drake" (The Dragon), in the dialect of Emilia, a legend in his lands and around the world.
museo ferrari
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There would be many stories to tell, so many anecdotes, I will say one:
the challenge with another business man of these places, a manufacturer of tractors: Lamborghini is named, is challenged to a game for those who could build the car more powerful and faster: so who were born Lamborghini cars: a bet, made in a Bar.
Times were different in Italy, a time when economic growth was the largest in Europe, were the '50s and '60s, times, perhaps, not return, at least in the industrial field.

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Enzo Ferrari Museum:

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