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FIAT 500L: a new large Fiat 500 - Images

fiat 500l
Fiat 500 L
Fiat 500L is the new model of the legendary Fiat 500, the car that made the history of Italian Popular Culture.
The Fiat 500L will be presented tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show, the most important event in European motoring.
The Fiat 500L is bigger, the letter 'L' means Large, the normal 500 model - I do not like it - has the 5-door body, is 414 cm long, and the trunk has 400 liters capacity.
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The 500L will be offered with the petrol engines TwinAir 900 Turbo, and 1.4 MultiAir, and even with a 1.3 MultiJet diesel engine, will be in dealerships in late 2012, instead of Fiat Idea and Lancia Musa (The Lancia brand has always been part of Fiat).
Here is the world's first video Fiat 500L:

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