Requiem for employment in Italy - Video

job in italy
Employement in Italy
The data for the job in Italy are not good, now the economic crisis, financial and political, is felt in all our Country, 30% of Italians under 30 years, are unemployed.
But the work, and the economic crisis is global, and it is not only an Italian problem, maybe we should change everything, maybe we should re-think all, I don't know ...
However, certainly May 1, International Workers' Day, is a very important event in Italy, more than in others Countries,  because it has always been organized by left parties and trade unions, which have always been very popular in Italy, today, even if in a lesser extent.

In every city, there is a concert and a feast, a celebration ...
I do not think there is nothing to celebrate, indeed, I think there is to do a funeral, at work, a requiem for the job:

Above: Requiem for employment in Italy ( from Messa da Requiem by Verdi)

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