ferrari for italian earthquake
Ferrari in auction
5,999 cc, 330Kmh, 640 hp., is the Ferrari 599XXEVO, the sportiest version of the Ferrari 599 GTB, and is up for auction soon, Buy it! Before someone You exceed...

Here is a good initiative of Ferrari, the Ferrari factory is located in Emilia, a few kilometers from the Earthquake, and the President of Ferrari, Montezemolo wanted to auction of that fantastic Ferrari, and donate the money to families who have suffered damage the earthquake.

I think it's these small gestures of all - to Ferrari, it's not a problem to auction one of his sports car - which, together, we can help. Here are two videos: the first, with President Motenzemolo, which explains this initiative, the second, which makes us see Ferrari 599XXEVO in action:
The starting price is 1,360,000 Euros 
Ferrari 458 Speciale

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