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Young Italians
Italy, Confindustria (the Official Italian Association of Industry)has published the details of their Centro Studi Confindustria - CSC data of Italian Economy:
Lost a half million jobs, a shocking image from Italy's GDP to -2.4%, "Strike, the most vital parts of the Country."
Recovery starting from the second half of 2013 We are not at war.
But the economic damage caused by the crisis so far are equivalent to those of a conflict.

Words used by the Centro Studi Confindustria, in his new business environment.
To be affected, the survey says, "were the parts most vital and precious system of Italy: the manufacturing industry and the younger generations.
Those from which depend the future of the Country.
For the CSC, "the increase and the level of public debt, are similar in almost all advanced economies, those that occurred at the end of armed conflicts worldwide.
A sort of war there has been and is still ongoing, and is fought once more, in Europe and in Italy.
As in past centuries, when the divisions and partisan interests took precedence over everything and everyone.
For 2012 it is estimated a further decline in demand for goods up 4.3% (-1% in 2011), with household consumption, which registered a 2.8% labor market, with job losses estimated at 1, 4% in 2012 and 0.5% in 2013, the year will close with nearly 1.5 million jobs in less than in early 2008.

Please note: usually, Confindustria, never gives predictions 'alarming', indeed, usually is reassuring economic forecasts, and if Confindustria says that means ....
It means that Italy is in a bad way economically, citizens èprivati ​​anroa not have debts, and even companies, in fact, those who prefer a firm close, the biggest problem is that now there is no work, and young Italians are the ones that longer suffer from this state of affairs.
Many young Italians began to migrate, but they are the future ruling class, are the best minds, are those who have studied, what will remain of our Country?

My opinion, is that the data, not consider the big impact on Italian economy of Earthquake in Emilia, that didn't make human damages, but many, many damages on economy, and Emilia's economy is one of more important, in Italy.
I hope God could help us...

The work in Italy has death , some month ago....RIP

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